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Meet Jen & Alexa, hosts of Jammin W/ J & A
Tuesday’s 6:00-7:00PM


1) What are songs you would like to feature on your page?

  1. Britney Spears: Not Yet A Woman”
  2. Kid Cudi: “Man On The Moon”
  3. Sugarland: “Stay”
  4. Michael Jackson: Man In The Mirror”
  5. Theory: Crush”
  6. Whitney Houston:I Wanna Dance W/ Somebody”
2) Where Are You From?
“ CT”

3) Who Inspires You Musically?
“Britney Spears”

4) Why Are You Passionate About Music?
“ Because of Britney Spears”

5) What is some positive feedback you’ve received on your show?
Good music & entertaining news”

6) What are your plans after college, and what are you currently working on?
“ Get a job in broadcast & event planning. Working on internships in the job.”

7) What do you want from your audience?
“ Enjoyment”

8) Do you have any fundraising ideas?
“ Bake Sale & Carwash.”