Meet Stephanie Caravedo, host of Collaborate & Listen
Wednesdays: 12:00-2:00 pm

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E-board: Events and Promotions / Web Mastaa

From: North Branford, CT
Junior, majoring in Computer Science & Communications- Philosophy.

Who Inspires You Musically?
I’m mostly inspired by the people who i’ve been fortunate enough to witness making music &
also the artists who choose to benefit the society, versus those who make it more dumb.

Why Are You Passionate About Music?
Music allows people to find something in common where visibly nothing else matches up.
It opens a huge door between us that gives me the feeling we’re all the same.

What are your plans after college, and what are you currently working on?
After college I’m going to be a bosssssssss,
I’m currently working on :
-The WKNH website...

What do you want from your audience?
Turn it up! Bounce!

Do you have any fundraising ideas?
I’ve been trying to get a jukebox somewhere on campus, that could allow you to donate meal swipes as well: to local food shelter or places where food is most scarce. I would like it if each donation granted the person a credit of 10 songs or something like that.

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