Meet , host of Jazzy Over Easy Afternoon
Thursdays: 2:00-4:00 pm


I like a mellow,Jazzy MuSonic flow and am very happy to provide one for listeners on my show, "JAZZY OVER EASY AFTERNOON" each Thurs.2 -4 P.M.
From the Breezy, Jazzy, Groovy, (you can see that I'm old enough to use that word with honor!)Theme song, "Broken Radio"  by Judy Marshak, through the two hours until 4P.M.,I whirl discs of mostly Independent, lesser known, but soooo groovy, Jazz artists, mixed with a few classic artists & tracks, and some funny stuff too, to give you an easy afternoon of Tunerific Mellow JazzyJam Flow for you to animate to or just lay back and let wash over your life, makin' the end of the week flow a little more easy  for ya'!.

So lend me your ears folks,let me lay some cool jams in them, and let's
have a finger poppin', "Ooooo Ahh...yeah....all right" journey toward your weekend startin' with a "Jazzy Over Easy Afternoon"!