Meet Zach! , host of Stop Making Sense
Thursdays: 10:00-Midnight

Where are you from?
Rochester, NH.

A description of what your show is about, genres of music you play, etc.:

Stop Making Sense strives to provide listeners with a large variety of quality music from a wide range of genres, time periods, and regions around the world. On any given installment, one could expect to hear a Baroque style fugue, a new Hip-Hop cut, a 1920s delta country Blues tune, a 1960s Krautrock track, a traditional Bulgarian vocal number, a 1950s Free Jazz improvisation, a contemporary Post Rock piece, or just about anything else you could imagine. The show is also often grace by up-and-coming in studio guest performers and guest DJs.


If you have any questions, comments, requests, or are in need of a professional bass player, please feel free to contact me at or give me a call at the station during my show time.

Who inspires you?

Some of my biggest musical influences include: Maurice Ravel, John Coltrane, Blind Willie Johnson, The Grateful Dead, Pharoah Sanders, Bob Dylan, Atmosphere,
Frédéric Chopin, Phish, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Bill Evans, Edith Piaf, Johannes Brahms, Explosions in the Sky, Charles Mingus, The Allman Brothers Band, Black Star, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and so many more!

Why are you passionate about music?

Oh man! Where do I get started? To me, music is a way to simultaneously become more connected with the self, as well as humanity. It allows for an individual, or group of individuals to both transcend and embrace their surroundings. It is a sumblime expression of all that is man and epitomizes man’s duality as being both a primordial and a celestial being. It is at once selfish and altruistic, intellectual and emotional, everything and nothing. But I digress; enough with the philosophical tangents. I am also a double bass player, an electric bass player, and a composer.

What are some (+) feedback you’ve received on your show?

I’ve been honored to receive many kind words about my show since it’s inception in the Fall of 2011. The first night of ‘Stop Making Sense’ I received multiple calls from community members praising the show’s musical diversity and informative banter. From this I was encouraged to maintain that level of excellence, which I hope has been manifested in each show thereafter.

What are your plans after college, and/or what are you currently working on?

I all sincerity, I did not come to college just to get a degree or in hopes of finding a ‘good’ job after graduation, but rather to perfect my craft as a composer. Since it is hardly ever necessary for one to have a degree in the music business, a B.A. in Music Composition means little to me. My future ‘plans’, if I have any, include lots of traveling and very simple living. To me, an ideal lifestyle is not too far off from that of a vagabond.

What do you want from your audience (callers, pleasure of listening, etc.)?

As far as I’m concerned, this show is for the audience. I do not necessarily ‘want’ anything from them aside from their open ears and open minds, and even that is up to them. It is more about what my audience wants from me. If people are listening at all, I’ll be happy! Feel free to call in with any requests, comments, questions, concerns, etc.

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