Meet Shallyne Beaz , host of Gaia Radio
Fridays: 6:00-8:00 pm

A description of what your show is about, genres of music you play, etc.:

Iron and Wine meets Rage Against the Machine, has dinner with Nas, then hangs out with Animal Collective.

Contact Info- email, show times, anything else you wish to include:
Email me with requests, or call in!

Where are you from? Nashua, NH!

Who inspires you (music)? I love Damien Rice, Against Me!, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie, The Dirty Projectors, Tracy Chapman, Modest Mouse, Tupac, Tribe Called Quest, Hendrix, SRV…I just love music.

Why are you passionate about music? Music speaks to your soul.

What are some (+) feedbacks you’ve received on your show?

What are your plans after college, and/or what are you currently working on? I’m a Geography Major, but I really love photography. All I hope for is a job where I don’t feel like I’m working.

What do you want from your audience (callers, pleasure of listening, etc.)?
Open Hearts and Ears.

Do you have any fundraising ideas? Charities you’re in favor of.!