Meet Celeste & Jon, host of Awesome Radio: After Hours

Celeste Thibault & Jon Adams “Awesome Radio: After Hours”
Fridays from 10pm-12am
It will be a satellite show of Awesome Radio. We will play similar New/Indie music!

Where are you from?
Keene, NH.
Who inspires you (music)?
Beasty Boys, Nirvana, and Modest Mouse.

Why are you passionate about music?
Music is powerful. It can change your mood with a switch of a song.
What are your plans after college, and/or what are you currently working on?
 I plan on moving to the west coast and continuing my education.

What do you want from your audience (callers, pleasure of listening, etc.)?
Pleasure of listening to our most excellent music choice and our lovely voices.

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