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Meet Tim Gagnon, host of Modern Times
Sunday’s 7:00-8:00PM


“I’m the one with the mic, yeahh!”- TG

Modern Times is a WKNH show that airs Sundays from 7-8 PM, playing current alt and indie rock (from Passion Pit to The Academy Is... to Dashboard Confessional to Weezer to plenty more) and is hosted by the excellent Tim Gagnon. Basically, it's as if your ears have been taken on a trip to Awesometown. Yeah, I just said that.

Tim Gagnon
Co-General Manager of WKNH (91.3 FM)
Host of Modern Times and Entertainment…Today?


Who Inspires You Musically?
Way too many bands and musicians to keep count, but a lot of pop punk, synthy rock, and folk first off. Specifically, Nick Drake, Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie), Max Bemis (of Say Anything), Dan Campbell (of The Wonder Years), Arcade Fire, Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver), and any musician that’s making wholehearted, powerful music.

Oh, and Justin Bieber. Always.

Why Are You Passionate About Music?
Because once upon a time, I had a lot of money, free time, and boredom in my life. I figured I didn’t want to kill my body on those crazy new addictions all the kids were trying, so I just started buying CDs and LPs with my money. Needless to say, I’m poor as hell now, own far too much music, and love too many bands…but, hey! At least I don’t love cocaine! Yay!

What is some positive feedback you’ve received on your show?
My mother listens every week. She doesn’t like it, but she supports. And that’s it.

What are your plans after college and what are you currently working on?
Plans after college: become a wildly successful writer; learn how to read, grow a rather dashing and successful handlebar mustache.
What I’m working on: my first novel (been at it for a year), getting less afraid of roller coasters (been at it for 19 years), and making WKNH the all time greatest place in Keene ever. Of all time.

What do you want from your audience?
Love. Open ears. Fun. Music suggestions. Cookies. A ball of yarn to play with.

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