Meet James, Greg, and Laura, hosts of Awesome Radio
Sundays: 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Every show we do has a “special theme”, and no two shows are ever the same.  We’ve had shows dedicated to videogames, movies, and the like.  Shows we have planned for the near future will include Rap Battle Tournaments, Ladies Night, 80's Night, and so on. We play new music (unless the theme of that day's show is music from a specific decade in the past), and while we're more than willing to play any requests we get, if left to our own devices, we'll be playing bands that we feel deserve more recognition than they get. Examples include: Dale Earnheardt Jr. Jr., Grouplove, LCD Soundsystem, Dog is Dead, Best Coast, Bibio, Graffiti6, Two Door Cinema Club, Geographer, Young the Giant, Wye Oak, etc.

Greg-, (603) 361-0031 James - Laura –

G- The Center of the Earth
G-no no no.
J-Ever heard of it?
L-Just New Hampshire

Who inspires you (music)?
 J-I am most musically inspired by Animal from the Muppets. Also BFRANKLIN.
G-I am inspired by Oates from Hall and Oates
L-Oats and Quakers

Why are you passionate about music?
J- It’s soul food.
L-It's food for shoes.
G-Music is alright…I give it a six out of ten.

What do you want from your audience (callers, pleasure of listening, etc.)?
G- money.  
J-PIRATES [Clothes, You don’t need em]

We are people. Don’t hack us. Koalas and preservation.
Also Greg is the best rapper of the group (place the double yew at the beginning of the word). :l

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